Dvo topaz vs fox dpx2

I'm a big fan of twin tube damper shocks. Ever since I first rode a Cane Creek double barrel, they feel so different I just knew I'd never go back to the de carbon system I believe it's called. Has anyone tried both - on the same bike. The difficult bit is that I use this one bike for everything albeit with a couple of wheelsets - Alpine road trips, loads of DH bike parks, long XC rides, Enduro races and the odd DH race.

Intel ups the ante- becomes corporate gold member in blender 3d

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. The four central processing units that AMD is introducing belong to the Ryzen series it launched last year, which has helped the company gain a considerable amount of market share in a relatively short time. Smaller transistors means that data has to travel shorter distances inside a CPU and less power is consumed in the process, which increases performance while reducing electricity requirements. Another benefit is that more transistors can often fit on a processor, which further speeds program execution.